Hi, I’m Francie. And I’m so glad you’re here! Let’s talk about …

The What Ifs

What if God intended your life, and your marriage to be better than a fairytale … an actual reflection of “heaven on Earth”?

What if He created your life to be something so remarkable, so beautiful that the world stopped to stare, and ask how they too, could have such LOVE?

This blog is dedicated to helping you, dear reader, see those what ifs come true in your own life. On these pages I share my own radical pursuit of a “honeymoon marriage” and my earnest, but clumsy quest to live radically for Christ in my community. Because I honestly believe we can discover “heaven on Earth” in our ordinary lives and in our marriages when we surrender to the transforming power of God’s REAL LOVE.

The Solution

God’s REAL LOVE changes everything about our REAL LIVES.

The articles and videos on this site are designed to inspire you with a fresh perspective on God’s REAL LOVE, with new ways of thinking about married sex, with tools to build a “honeymoon marriage,” and with Biblical teachings for living life hope-filled and whole.

As you read through this site, please let me know your thoughts and challenges. Let’s interact and navigate this adventure of REAL LIFE, REAL LOVE together!

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